school pic      On the fourth day of December, 1957 the deed of donation was executed by the donors, consisting of more or less 4,999 sq. meters to be used as school site. This was in preparation for the forth coming opening of the school year 1957-1958. The school, however was named after the late father of the donors, Dr. Lucas Guevarra. That this donation is made under the following terms and conditions.

  • That the land subject of this donation shall be used exclusively by the Donee as school site, provided further, that the Donee agrees to build “Gonzales Type” school house or other similar permanent school house construction, within six (6) months after the date of the donation and open the same to the children of the barrio for the school year 1957-1958.

      The school site approval was signed by the heirs of Dr. Lucas Guevarra in the presence of Mr. Loreto Bril and Patricia Gesmundo both resident of Barangay San Antonio II. It has been resolved by the municipal board during its regular session held Dec. 09, 1968.

The following were present:

            Hon. Pedro M. Magcase – City Vice-Mayor and Presiding officer

            Hon. Virginia R. Estrada – City Councilor

            Hon. Lauro G. Vidal – City Councilor

            Hon. Miguel C. Suarez Jr. – City Councilor

            Hon. Augusto A. Briñas – City Councilor

            Hon. Palermo A. Banagale – City Councilor

           To mention, the past school heads from the school year 1957-1958 up to the present:

  • Gavino Belen
  • Pepito Torres
  • ApolonioDionela
  • Teodoro T. Buenviaje
  • Miss ArteniaTicson
  • Gloria H. Perez
  • Teofisto B. Dumaraos
  • Marcedes R. Lopez
  • Miguela Marasigan
  • Rosy M. Cruz
  • Nelda P. Banayo

      Through the joint efforts of teachers, parents, community and the principal, the school would have not been what it is now, if it were not because of the past administration and now the present as well.


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